Over the decade, we have remained true to the rich traditions of producing 24K gold plated Pooja items by drawing inspiration from Thanjavur paintings and the monumental architectures of the Chola Dynasty. This enables us to produce articles of unparalleled quality, by employing rare craftsmanship and unique skills that have been passed on for generations.

Founded in the year 2000 under the tutelage of the Managing Director, Mr.G.Pandian, the company has enjoyed a steadfast and dynamic growth in becoming leading manufacturers and exporters of gold plated Pooja items in India.

In 2016 Sri Ganesh tasked Dr.K Siva Kumar and Shamala Selvarajan to helm the sales and exports in Malaysia and globally. As the co-owners of the business their objectives have always been clear and simple; To educate people on the existing products and in return, sales will flourish.

This served as the main foothold in the Malaysian market as the company sets its sights in cementing its name globally, catering to the global burgeoning demand for fine gold plated Pooja items. Setting the bar high has enabled us to offer products of lifelong quality, free of material and workmanship defects. It is our underscoring pursuit of excellence that has paved the way for us to boast a bevy of clients all over the world, in becoming an undisputable reference in the industry.

In honouring the trust bestowed upon our brand, all of our undertakings; from manufacturing to retail, have been met with meticulous procedure, giving emphasis to details and quality. Embodying this tradition of excellence, extends not only to our creations and quality of service, but also in our business endeavours – ethically, socially and responsibly